Rings that do not Fit: What can be Done?


There are several jewelry problems that can occur, but the most common issue is having rings that do not fit you. It can be a ring that you used in your younger age that does not fit you anymore or a ring that was gifted to you that is too big for your fingers. You could be having at least one ring that was not fitting you. You could be wondering what to do with these rings that are lying unused in your jewelry box. Eventually, you did not give them away to someone else as you loved those rings. If you have faced such a situation, you have a perfect solution in this article.

Of course, you can get the ring modified by a jeweler to make it fit you perfectly, but it is an expensive option. The best solution to your ring problems is to wear the rings that you love in an original and unique style without worrying about the size factor. Wearing rings as a necklace is the best option. This is an adorable option and a do-it-yourself idea that will let you add a unique jewelry to your wardrobe. All you need to do is find a chain and add your ill-fitting rings to it. Any plain silver, rose gold or gold chain will be sufficient. You can even spice it up with different layers of colored chains and rings attached to each layer.

To create a unique piece of jewelry, add a ring to an already existing necklace. This is a great way to renew some pieces that are too old or boring. Adding rings will definitely transform the look of the old jewelry and make them look like new pieces. Doing these, you will become a trendsetter wearing gorgeous new jewelry pieces. Moreover, you can get new jewelry without spending on them.

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